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We have high professional experience sponsoring the most diverse banking institutions, insurance companies, leasings, computer and civil construction companies, extractive industries, agro-breeding companies, metal-mechanics, glass, pharmaceutical industry, medical clinics, industrial furniture companies, and companies which are dedicated to the manufacture of packaging, textiles and wood, ceramics, among others.

We carry out legal services over 20 years for the main Banking Institutions of the Country, continuing to maintain and handle Banking covenants, as well as providing advisory to the firms and litigation services for various companies, Computing, Civil Construction, Leasing, Textiles, Wines, among others and for individual persons.

Several of our Associates have masters and international professional experiences, which allows us to be present and resolve issues in practically every country since we are also part of an international group of Lawyers.



If you would like to find out more about our Legal Services, please get in touch.

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